Creating a new brand identity for an established  medical devices provider.

Micro Image Technologies, Inc.:  Brand Identity and Website Design

Services: Website Design, Marketing and Content Strategy, Creative Direction, Logo and Print Design

Micro Image Technologies is a trusted advisor to the most skilled surgeons and world-renowned hospitals throughout the Northeast, and has been since 1996. They needed to better establish their brand promise to clearly illustrate their track record of excellence and experience within the medical community.  Prior to starting our engagement, Micro Image Technologies didn’t have any web presence and struggled to have a consistent and meaningful visual identity.

After a thorough audit of their business model and sales process, we  closely collaborated with management to develop a professional identity and web presence consistent with the standards of their buyers, namely; hospital C-Suite Executives, senior administrators and surgeons. We began the project with the goal to articulate the fact that they are a trusted advisor and consultant to highly skilled medical professionals.

Dark City Digital developed the content and marketing strategy which connected to the offline business.  We developed the key marketing messaging, and wrote all of the copy for the website.  It became condensed into a singular brand statement, reinforcing who they are, namely “Precision Matters.™”

The result is a strategic and creative identity system that speaks to their professional audience, a design system that confidently represents their people and services across medical fields, and more clearly communicates areas of expertise.

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Project Goals

  • Build on their name recognition by designing a brand identity that visually anchors their business.
  • Provide the sales team with professional looking materials to help them stand out from competition.
  • Create a brand image that exudes confidence about the science and technology equipped within the microscopes.
  • Present them as professional, reliable, consultative, and service orientated.
  • Visually resonate with an audience that includes hospital C-Suite Executives, Medical Doctors, Chairman of Surgeons, Biomedical Engineers, and IT/OR Directors.

Direct Results

  • Their sales team now has professional tools to better do their job.
  • Micro Image has received numerous compliments about their new  identity and website, raising both brand awareness and their expertise among hospital executives.
  • Micro Image now has the ability to provide C-Suite Executives, Medical Doctors, Chairman of Surgeons, Biomedical Engineers, and IT/OR Directors product information and availability, which has helped expedite orders and grow the sales channel.

Logo:  Modern and Refined


Website Design


Micro Image Technologies is an advisor and consultant to highly knowlegeable and sophisticated professionals and not solely a product sales company.  The messaging needed to convey this value proposition and was designed to do that with brief yet strategically placed and carefully worded content.

Product offerings and highlighting expertise in this space was at the forefront of the project goals. We took their most sophisticated microscope and featured it on the home page to help their audience quickly find the information they need and tie into what they often convey in face to face meetings. We organized the information to be products first, then highlight other brands that they also distrubute. Another high revenue generating part of their business is in the certified pre-owned microscope market, which became another area of importance for potential buyers.

For the Contact Us page, we created an interactive regional map to better allow buyers to locate the correct representative. This simple mechanism helped reduce user confusion and further streamline the sales process.

The entirety of the experience operated builds credibility, helps users find the information they seek, and further distinguishes Micro Image Technologies as a trusted advisor to some of the most skilled surgeons and world-renowned hospitals throughout the Northeast.

Sales Enablement

Designing a high-quality PowerPoint template and other sales tools became essential as we better understood the company, their sales process, and who makes up their audience.

With the level of sophistication of the buyer, presentation and polish matters.  Up to this point, the sales representatives created their own ad-hoc presentations, which were  inconsistent and awkward. We helped lead management and the sales team to arrive at a common, professional, and unified destination. Now, their entire sales system with the website, presentation material, business cards and stationery all are part of a holistic system with the same look and feel.  Because the templates were professionally designed with their own product imagery, it helped them become more confident and focused in how they communicate in their presentations.


Print Design

We designed the business cards to be folded so they could be used as name cards at meetings and events to easily identify themselves to senior hospital administrators and medical professionals. An elegant way to better differentiate Micro Image from their competition.

We also saved additional collateral by placing the brands they represent on the cards.

It goes without saying that we want them to be successful, even when writing letters to clients and prospective buyers. So we created both print and digital version of their letterhead.

Business Card Specs: 2 PMS colors + full-color digital, 3.5″ x 4″ and 3.5″ x 2″, Cougar Smooth 16 pt. cover, 1/2 fold, 2-sided

Letterhead Specs: 2 PMS colors + full-color digital, 8.5″ x 11″, Cougar Smooth Text 100 lb. with bleeds

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